The worlds premier
cryptotrading contest
TradeBattle is a competition between traders. During the battle, traders should manage their portfolio as efficiently as possible to show the best rate of return. The trader with the highest yield wins.

Trade Battle gives you the opportunity to compete off with experienced traders. A prize pool is $ 2,500. 680 traders have already taken part in the Battle and won 204 ETH in total!
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How to win a Jackpot?
1. Create Portfolio
2. Join The Battle
3. Rebalance Portfolio
4. Hit the jackpot

Choose the exchange and the main currency of the portfolio;

Select the currencies that will be included in the portfolio;

Good job! Now you can see brief information about your portfolio.

Choose the tab name of the Battle;

Select one or more portfolios that will participate in the Battle;

Select cryptocurrency for payment;

Congrats! Now your portfolio is in the table of participants.

Select a portfolio you want to rebalance;

Add or remove cryptocurrencies in the portfolio by selecting them from the given list;

Click on "Rebalance" to make changes in the portfolio.

You may continue to rebalance your portfolio as many times as you want.

Registration opens on November 19 (Monday). The battle begins on November 21 (Wednesday) at 12:00 UTC time and will last 2 days. The results of the battle will be announced on November 23, immediately after completion. No one goes home empty-handed!

1 place - 250$ in Eth. + Ultimate tariff/month
2 place - 150$ in Eth. + Ultimate tariff/month
3 place - 100$ in Eth. + Ultimate tariff/month
4-10 places - PRO tariff/month
11-20 places - PRO tariff/month
21-50 places - Starter tariff/month

Reveal your trade skill & get the reward!

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